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Weekend? Who gets weekends?

First off, a very big and happy birthday to Jydan - even if I didn't see you, I sent you happy thoughts.

Blearg. I would dearly love a holiday.

Friday night I get a call from Nagae Sensei saying that Mrs Nagae was unable to come to training. This meant that I needed to meet him at the dojo at 8.30 am to get the key, then take the class all by myself. Did not sleep well - plagued by nightmares and miscalaneous health problems.

Saturday found out that the Columbia had not made it back to earth. It was all a sort of dreamy disbeleif, particularly since I had to dash off to the dojo, then dash off with Jye to do the shopping, then dash back to the dojo to take the class, then dash off to work (bloody working on the weekends! We hates it!), then dash home to catch the last hour or two of Jye's Exalted game (and for the record I'm getting really sick of 2-3hr fight scenes). Heller busy, and generally a suck-tastic day.

Sunday morning I had to get up for a committee meeting at the dojo, starting at 8am. That all went ok, as not only did I not get in trouble (and got to leave early due to 'work' commitments), but I actually got into the good books by letting them know about a cheep, good quality set of armour I had found in my travels. Yay me.

Suday day Jye and I went into the city, partly to check out the Chinese New Year celebrations and partly for me to spend money. The highlight of my spree is a geek-tastic ring. Yes, it is a rendition of the One Ring (because I am a big fat geek). It's basically a plain silver ring (I prefer silver, and it was about 1/5th the cost of a gold one) with elvish on the out side and inside ('One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them; One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them'). Sure, it's nerdy, but pretty.

I was supposed to go into work on sunday, because I didn't finish everything on saturday, but I collapsed into sleep and was generally unable to do anything. Anyway, that was my weekend, and I've decided that I need a holiday. I haven't been able to sleep in for a few weeks now, and I'm beginning to fray at the edges.

I forgot to put on eyeliner this morning - I am full of shame.

Oh, and this is funny on multiple levels...


What Is Your Animal Personality?
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I laughed and laughed and laughed. :)
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