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Tuesday morning-afters

I don't think I should be left by myself for long periods of time, I start doing crazy things. Last night, boulstered by alco-ma-hol, I came across the brilliant idea of starting to write a trashy romance story.

I am full of shame.

My theory is that it wasn't actually my fault; if the crazy people at Gloria Jean's coffee hadn't have mixed up the coffees of Jye and myself it would have all been fine - but I get the sneaking suspicion that he was given my de-caff. Fully caffinated mocha at six in the evening does not bode well for sleep.

So after my late night bender of little sleep, terrible prose and bad alcohol (I mean, really, 'Tasmanian Blueberry Liquour'? What the hell was I thinking...) I am feeling somewhat seedy today. Fortunately, I have my friend V to save me. Ah, V, is there anything better for seedyness? While I was buying my precious nectar of the gods, I noticed a bottle of what could only be described as liquid evil. "Upper E". What. The. Fsck. Upper E? Are they insane? Well, probably.

I had a good laugh at one of the girly mags in the store, which was wrapped in plastic to "Seal in the Pinkness". Ah, what a tasteless society we live in...
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