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Too hot to go home

I ended up working late today, and the odd thing is that I didn't mind at all. The only reason for this is that I work in an airconditioned building, and that it is too hot to go outside and face the world.

I ended up forgetting to do a whole lot of important work today, which sucked a little (but what can you do).

But I did write some awful Exalted fan-fiction for the first time in weeks, and I had a rasberry muffin which was tasty. So, I guess it wasn't all bad.

I have also decided to try and save my money for my first very own new computer. As I am a big fat nerd (just ask Nicole) I've decided that I want an airport ready eMac with a combo drive and MacOS X.2. My goal is to get a digital camera and a port to go with it, so I can be the geekiest kid on the block. Also, I should be able to start developing a digital art portfolio, so that one day I might just be able to fulfil that little dream of mine.

Of course, if I *do* get the new 'puter, I'm gonna need to install a USB card in my old 'purer, then link the eMac up with the old with USB, and the old one to the older one via an ethernet.

You see, my zip drive is SCSI, which you can't get on an eMac, which is attached to my old 'puter, as well as the cradle for my palm pilot. My older 'puter, on the other hand, has a TV card in it which means that I can run my PSOne through it, so I'd need to keep that one too. (And you people thought I was a technophobe)

Basically, if I get an eMac, I'll be one step closer to becoming Lain. ^_^
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