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Film at eleven

In other news (because I am autoclaving AGAIN which is taking forever AGAIN), let's have a big hurrah for the guy in Sydney for winning a case against Sony Playstation, which now means that there is a legal precidence for random folks chipping their Playstation2 for the use of import games. Heh heh heh - mine is now legal...

I havn't heard back yet about what is going on with the possibility of money from the $3.5 Million grant the department got, which was supposed to contain my theoretical scholarship. I am slowly building up tesion so that - should I be refused my money - I can go into a nigh-homicidal rampage and annihilate my enemies (all those who were involved in this plot to keep me as a poor and starving student).

While this may not be the best option, it would certainly make me feel better.

Speaking of things that make me feel better, I found out that my bathroom scales are wrong, and instead of weighing five kg more than what I feel happy with, its only one kg more.

And may I say that Grand Theft Auto III is a game worth playing, particularly if you get the un-edited version. Except that you begin looking at cars on the street as potential aquisitions...