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Curiously eventful

In the vein of people yelling things out of cars and driving off, not only did this happen to me again a few days ago, but yesterday in that brief moment when all cars at an intersection had red lights, some guy in a car leaned out of his window and bellowed at me at the top of his lungs;


Twice. Before driving off. Normally, such a thing would be odd enough in and of itself, but he screamed it out across FOUR LANES OF TRAFFIC! What the fuck. I mean really, what the hell was he thinking?

Work has been remarkably busy today, with time consuming and tedious bacterial growth media to be made. Such is my lot in life.

Also, on the advice of people such as Anna (welcome back, btw!) I have decided that sometime soon I will have the First Annual Coffee With Friends To Stop Becka From Being a Whiney, Whiney Bitch. No details just yet, only that there will be coffee and all will be invited.

Ideas for the Changeling Freeform to End all Changeling Freeforms culture in my head like yogurt. The main problem I face is making it damn good without making it overly-artsy and pretentious. The Exalted Freeform for Conquest is beginning to take shape as well, slowly.

Jye may be going off to Apollo Bay with a whole bunch of other people so do some writing, but for various reasons I will not be able to come along. Thus, the only possible solution is to have a raunchy party while he is gone, with hot, oily massages for all. Remember, as Polly says, it's not a good party unless we all get to see Becka's panties.
(As a side note, in a drunken haze I seem to recall suggesting to someone that as a fund-raising effort I would happily sell little zip-lock bags containing a pair of panties and a photo of me wearing them... problem is I can't quite remember who I said it to or why I would do it...)

Details to follow, when they are decided.
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