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Daily diatribe

Well, Harry Potter last night was interesting and amusing, largely because I didn't have to do too much GMing. Polly and Jack showed up with their old characters for cameos - the bishounen/romantic hero quotient went up by a gazillion percent. :) Most of the session was just characters catching up, which was really nice from a GMing point of view as it allowed me to see how much the characters have grown and developed. Oh, and they picked up the cursed item, so things can only get more interesting from here.

In fact, it went so well that both Jack and Polly should be back next week. Yay! And Jack has twisted my arm into having me join in on his Sunday game (only when I can make it and I'm not working and such). Still no word on the nude photo shoot he wants me in though (what can I say, I'm a sucker for a man with a camera).

Jack and I are still eerily on the same thought-wave pattern, even after so long apart. Which is strangely comforting and amusing at the same time (guessing what icecream he wanted, and offering him hentai before he had to ask, because he is a dirty man). I'd dearly love to see more of both he and Polly, but since Polly is going to BAPA again this year it looks like I can only have my increased dose of Jack.

Work was real busy yesterday, but I should find time today to get some serious progress with the Exalted freeform for conquest. Jye has some character archetypes prepared - all I have to do is come up with character, plot, and hooks for them all. Sigh. This is why I don't co-write games very much any more.

No one has yelled anything out of a car at me yet today, but the day is still young.
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