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Multi-lingual assistance required.

This link is to, what I believe, a Japanese show subtitled for a Korean audience and posted on a Thai website. Regardless, while it *is* very funny, oner of the guys I work with wants to find the title and artist of the song the girls are dancing to (so that he can get a copy of it).

I *think* the song is called "Emotion", but that is as far as I managed to go.


Any of you multilingual folk want to help me out?


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Nov. 15th, 2005 05:36 am (UTC)
I had a crack at it, but I think it's in Korean. It's definitely a Korean show (they do the same wacky subtitling thing the Japanese do, apparently just for emphasis).

The problem is that, while the song might well be in Japanese, I can't really tell, because Korean is so phonetically similar and full of loan words that it sounds like a Japanese person going "Short wip de blooble wouldn't avec a saucepan on two mipple tuesday wong".

Sorry :)

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