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Finally got around to altering my eye-abusing colour scheme on my journal, but more changes will be on the way. The original pallet was designed as one of those 'Oh, look what I can change' sort of jobs, which I didn't get around to fixing until now. I'm not sure If I will stick with the purple-ish mood - I'm thinking of more of a bamboo feel when I'm done...

Also I just bought the computer that I wasn't going to. It's got the shell of one of the earlier iMacs, and it doesn't have too many bells of whistles as far as out-lets or memory go, but when I actually turned it on... my oh my. It's got a couple of really, REALLY nice, expensive programs on it. The software alone would cost upwards of $1500 at least, and as it was the software I was after... what can I say?

It's a little fiddly, but if I can load the stuff I want onto one of my older 'puters it will be an easy task to reformat it. Joshua has already said that he'll give me a hand installing any software he has, or anything like extra memory or cards (ie, more USB ports, or an ethernet card). Which is all good.

And, on a related upgrading note, if I actually get my scholarship I'm thinking about getting a paid lj account, because I'm in an upgrading sort of a mood.

Planning on upgrading my brain sometimes soon, too, just for the hell of it.
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