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What a geeky, geeky weekend I had. I feel nerdy, but happy.

Friday I lugged home (with Jye's help) my shiny new-second-hand iMac, and it was good.

Saturday was training (Mrs Nagae was back from her illness, and I am now less worried), followed by a drive-by work attack. Then it was on to Jye's Exalted game (I am thoughroughly sick of fight scenes and all things concerning dice), during which I recieved an unexpected phone call.

Jack. Wanting me to play in his game. That night. Bam, says Becka, I'll be there. And so it came to pass that I was. Saw Polly briefly, but ended up playing with Alex W. and Cameron, with Jack as the GM. Very intense, vibrent game which played on the senses rather than the catharsis or the stats. This is the gaming that I know and love. It was Vampire - The Masquerade done properly, with little angsting and more interaction between the characters. The game was not about the plot, but about the characters and how they played off eachother. The group is not full of hostility; we are all playing interesting characters who are interested in eachother, and discussion rather than throat rending argument.

I did not get home until 2.30 am, and I loved it.

Sunday, I spent most of the day getting my new iMac and my old 'puter to talk to eachother. I went out, bought ethernet cable, connected up the hub, and cackled manaically. Despite my enthusiasm, though, it took a while to get it to work. Most of the problem was due to the moronic set up left behind by the old owner of the iMac (there were no less than three complete copies of Photoshop throughout the computer, and two copies each of Appleworks 5 and 6, sitting right next to eachother). I wrangled with Appletalk until it worked, I cleaned up the hard-drive a little, I erased the three resumes that the idiot-previous-owners had left behind, I turned off the moronic 'simplified menu options' program, and I made the data monkies dance for my amusement, all while wearing a Megatokyo T-shirt. But I managed it, and that's all that matters. See how nerdy I am. :)

I've a lot to do at work today, but tonight I plan on doing some serious geeking.
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