Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Uhhh... movies?

In an attempt to keep this theme of every post involving something to do with movies, I... uhh... I guess I'll be watching Kung Fu Hustle tonight on DVD. Because, you know, bishi_wannabe acquired the soundtrack recently, and it's made me want to see the film again.

Also, I have the second DnD movie on CD. I should watch that, too. And talk about it and stuff...

... Meh, I'm not cut out for this talking about films caper.

In real world news, yikes. I think someone should explain to John Howard that it doesn't matter if *he* doesn't think the recent riots make Austrlians seem racist, but that the rest of the world thinks. Things have obviously gotten out of control more than once in New South Wales; these riots on the weekend and last night, and the riots in Redfern not so long ago off the top of my head.

I'm not entirely convinced that this is a problem local to NSW. I don't know. I mean, having lived in other countries and - to be fair - having lived a fairly sheltered life, it wasn't until the Rodney King beating video got out that it even occured to me that there could still be so much racial hatred in a society which is supposed to be fairly well integrated. I mean, I knew about the Civil Rights Movement and Apartheid, I knew that most of the conflicts in places like the middle east were based on racial and religious differences, but it simply didn't seem feasible that people could hate, or even dislike, another human being on the basis of their ethnic background.

Did that make me hopelessly naïve, or did it show that I was a product of what society could be?

I'm not sure.

For the people out there who are ashamed of being Australian, or considering renouncing their citizenship, or other such negative things, because of the actions of some truly reprehensible people, let me remind you of what I was told by you and people like you when I talked about how ashamed I was with my American citizenship because of the actions of George W Bush:

It's your country. It's your responcibility. You are the ones who need to do something about it, not sit back and step away from the problem. It might not be your fault that this has happened, but you would be weak and a coward to walk away from it.

I will not ever tolerate racisim in my presence, in my home or in my country. I for one will not lay down and allow others to monger fear and hatred. I don't know what I can do, but when I figure it out, I am damn well going to do it.
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