Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Big fat goth

I have not been able to find a foundationer which is pale enough for my skin, so I use white stage make up for concealer and talc for loose powder. I am gothzilla.

No one has yelled anything out of a car at me for quite some time. I find myself strangely disappointed. Work is workey and progresses (even though I should do more of it).

I have to start preparing for a PhD Probationary Meeting before a small committee. I have to present a 3-10k word report saying what my topic is, what I have achieved thus far, what my time-line for the rest of the project is, and what is the *scientific merit* of my project. Ouchies. Shouldn't be too bad, because I can write with enough techno-babble and scientific jargon that I can wing a report, and I can have a forceful enough personality that I can convince people I will be okay, but still... it's a little scarey.

I also want to be at home, spending quality time with my iMac.
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