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Why my life is a slap-stick comedy

I don't know what it is, but every time there is a major party at Sean, Sarah and Tom's house, I end up hvaing all sorts of knee problems. Last time, it was tendonitis (which was mostly my fault for not looking after myself). This time, though, who knows what the hell is wrong with my knee - certainly not the doctor, who has sent me to get an ultrasound on monday.

Sure, it could be nothing but soft tissue damage that rest will fix. But there are three other possibilities for it. 1) A 'Baker's Cyst', or a gathering of fluid at the back of the knee as a result of a mild trauma. 2) Damage to the back of the patella, for some reason. 3) A tear in the miniscus of the knee - by far the worst of the three. The problem the doctor faced was that there was an obbious acute pathology with an unobvious cause - I only remember the knee starting to hurt, not actually doing anything to it. I hope it's not too serious, but only time (and an ultrasound) will tell.

I don't want to have knee surgery.

Sean's party was a roaring success, with corsets abounding. I had an ace time, even for being broken, pained, and unable to stand up straight or sit down with ease. It's alright though - a small price to pay. I didn't drink much - I thought it was best since I needed my pain receptors to fire. :)

And if there's one thing worse than having to work on the weekend, it's having to work on the weekend when you're injured. Stupid work.

Quite sleepy... planning on doing my work in a hurry then heading home to by computer and my big fluffy megatokyo blanket. Thinking about getting some serious writing done today, but only in the geeky sense. What else would you expect?

Beginning to come to terms with my bitterness. One day at a time.
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