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BPAL order glut

So, from the meet'n'sniff we had last week, this post is mostly geared to punk_rock_nerd, kunoichi_chan, vorex, the_tao, nikkicat13, and mousebane... and possibly some others, I forget. Anyway, I think it's about time to think about orders to BPAL - therefor, on to the info!

First of all, the BPAL website is as follows:

On the bar on the left are the different catagories of scents, which are fairly loose (ie, Ars Draconis scents all have Dragon's Blood resin in them, but Illyria are all scents named for characters from Shakespearian plays). Take your time in going through them, as there are about a billion different scents to choose from.

It may also be worth your while looking in on the forums, under the "Reveiws" section, to find out what other people thought of the scents in question. At the moment, however, the forums are broken. Ooops.

So! On the the ordering info. I am happy to use my PayPal account to take care of a group order, provided I get all the cash from people before-hand (because otherwise I will be very poor). This is what we did last time, and it seems to have worked very well.

In general, I would suggest buying "Imps" of scents to begin with, rather than full 5 or 10mL bottles - it gives you a chance to see if you like a scent or not. Most scents are avaliable as Imps for US$3.00 each or six for US$16.00, and consist of 1/32oz glass vials - and it's worth mentioning that all BPAL scents are, aparently, vegan. Generally, if we don't have a multiple of 6 Imps being ordered I suggest one or more people just getting an extra one - it works out cheaper overall, and the shipping is the same price.

The bottles (of which I will probably be getting some) range a little in price depending on what category they come from, but in general are about US$12.50

Postage is kind of tricky. It is based on the number of "items" being shipped, where an "item" is described as the following:

1 item = 1 5ml
1 item = 1 10 ml
1 item = 1 set of imps (6 imps)

The shipping total is based on the number of items; there is a flat rate to Australia of US$10 for 4or less items, US$12 for 5-9 items, or US$14 for 10+ items.

The way I did it last time is that everyone pays what they ordered, plus a percentage of shipping (ie, if 4 people ordered, then everyone pays 1/4 of the shipping price). I then calculated how much was owed in AUS$ and got everyone to give me the cash rounded up to the nearest dollar (to give a little buffer for changing stockmarkets and PayPal fees), and if everyone is happy I put the order in.

It then takes anywhere up to 6 weeks for them to mail out the scents (due to a massive backlog which comes from being hugely popular), and the goods are shipped very securely by UPS and arrive withing a week.

If you are still interested after all that faffing about, let me know and I'll chase up all the details. Feel free to ask any questions, and I'll do my best to answer. :)


And mousebane may be interested in Rakshasa in "Bewitching Brews" - Sandalwood with rose and patchouli


I've screened the_tao's wish list on his request... he's so sneaky! :)
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