Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


There are a whole bunch of new scents up on the site, including some LE ones known as "Monster Bait": I *must* have 'Closet', which is only avaliable until the first of May.

So for all you BPAL folk out there, we should really get this order organised. I have wish-lists from the_tao and punk_rock_nerd, as well as my own. I was very bad and didn't end up properly organising a meeting with kunoichi_chan for some swappage and sniffage yesterday...

... But I was thinking the sooner the better to get everyone organised. When is a good day of the week (in general) for folk to meet up, share some scents, and give me money so that I may order BPAL goodness for us all? I'm looking at you, mousebane, nikkicat13 and vorex.
Tags: bpal
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