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goodmorning starshine

Dearest all,

well, I've been out of contact with most of you for a very long time (because I am a very bad, very busy scientist), but that does not mean that I don't love you anymore - far from it. So I finally got off my butt and got myself a livejournal (thanks Mel!) so that I could at least let you know about the trials and tribulations of my remarkably average life.

For those of you who don't know, after an uphill battle against government, univeristy, parents and banks I have finally started my PhD. That means that eventually, you may have to trust me because I could be a doctor. Heh. ;) I am studying microbiology at the school of dental science through Melbourne University. Stuff has been going okay in the lab, even though I work with the smelliest substances in the universe.

Anaerobic bacteria - just say no.

They release sulpher products, fatty acids, various fermentation gases, and - depending on which one you grow - they smell like rotting meat mixed with sweaty old sock, or that evil sewer smell. Ick. I've just finnished feeding 60 mice some of these bug over the passed month and a bit. The mice are doing fine.

In the six weeks that I have to wait before I can play with the mice again, my supervisors have given me a literature review to do. Today I carried more than my own weight in compiled journals to the photocopy room in the medical library. Ouch. I also got to play with molten glass - ahhh, the joys of vacume sealing freeze-dried bacteria. I only exploded one glass vial!

Anyhoo, I guess I'll keep you undated on the exciting life of a scientist in the days to come....
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