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Creative Revolution

In a spurt of consumerism, I went out shopping at book stores last night. I couldn't find "Sandman - The Dream Hunters", which is what I was after, but I did come across two other books which I bought on the spur of the moment. Firstly, there was "The Books of Faerie", which I have read before. The story is fascinating and the artwork is excellent, so I thought it was a good buy, especially as it will help me with my long up-coming Changeling Freeform (as a companion to the Arcadian Chronicals).

Secondly, I bought the first of the manga series, "Revolutionary Girl Utena". I'd never read it before, but long ago Niki-chan and Thomas-su told me about the anime, and that it was ace. Having read the first manga colletion, I am only disappointed that I hadn't read it earlier. It's a shojou manga with teeth and substance, and I highly recomend it.

Oh, and because I am a sad and pathetic fan-girl, I pre-ordered a copy of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix", so I won't have to get into a brawl with 12 yr olds and their parents to get one.

In other news, I am still trying to track down "The Worst Witch" by Jill Murphy. And I am ever so happy that the weather has turned cold again.

Also I have plans for a game which I will call 'Idoru' which has nothing to do with the book, but more about AI in that Sharon Apple sense of the word. I'll keep you posted.

AND, because I don't already have enough to do, I am coming up with plans for NaNoWriMo this year. Not putting anything down on paper, mind you - that would be cheating. ;) Last year, though, I put down a rough version of a story I had had in my head for a long time. I figure that if the idea is good enough that it will stay with me for a few months, it'll be good enough to get 50K words out of.

Oh, and that freeform for conquest? I guess Jye and I should start writing something, huh...
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