Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

My God, it's full of dentists...

So I'm back from Brisbane! Woo!

The conference was huge, loud, and full of dental research. Not a whole lot of it was relvant to me, which was sad, but more than I had thought there would be, which is good. I rather enjoyed Peter Doherty's presentation, even if it was a bit 'popular science' for my likes, and attended a really cool talk by a Japanese scientist (Dr Uemura?) about using the host's own bone marrow stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells to regrow lost bone.

I did pick up some interesting tidbits which I had over-looked which I think are very important to understanding how the two bugs I work with interact in pathogenicity and autoimmunity, so I am currently developing my own theory on the initiation and progression of disease. So, that's pretty nifty I suppose.

I'll rant more about it later, but Brisbane - while lush and pretty on the surface - is not my favourite city. Sometimes you forget how spoilt you are when you like in Melbourne.

Anyway, flying update because I have to hug my cat some more. Love you all, and I survived.

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