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Sundays are beginning to suck

Ever been so sleepy that you have felt down right nauseous? That's me today. Had to get up early for a Budokai committee meeting, then come into work, blah blah blah. You all know the story with my weekends, anyway. Worked yesterday for about 3 hours or something, more work today. I think I might have just a little bit too much stuff that I need to do these days.

But the fooking freeform will get written for the con, and I'll do my PhD comformation report thingies, as well as my grant application whatzitz, AND prepare for the Budokai, VNR and ANF AGMs, which are not too far away.

I'm too tired and crochety to do any house work, and I suspect I may be getting to the point where I am actually too tired to sleep. Almost out of Tamazepam - will go to the Dr again soon to get my drugs and organise seeing a person who can help me fix my head (preferably by scooping out the decayed bits). Exhaustion is taking it's toll on my soul, and only the faint hope of karmic retribution keeps me going.

On the other hand, I could try to see just how long I can go without sleep or meaningful rest... I could take bets... it could be a way for me to fund my PhD... I will contemplate this dark truth...

Oh, and I think I'm getting sick, too.
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