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Perfume plans

A small BPAL break form whining about being sick and writing thesis tidbits. Cut, because quite frankly I talk too much about perfume.

First up, there will be a Luncay update today (12 am some America time, in about 2-4 hours). It will be up for 24hrs, as per usual. It is also the Harvest Moon update, and there is some debate about whether or not it will be asian themed (like all of the Lunacies so far this year) or western themed (like all of the previous Harvest Moons). I'm not ordering it, because I can't afford it, but I thought you folks might want to know.

In other BPAL news, apparently there are going to be some huge updates in July, both in the general catalogue and limited edition fields.

Also! It is my plan to wait until I get my big fat juicy tax return before I do another order, and I'm planning on slpurging when I do. I'm thinking of getting maybe 2-3 5mL bottles, but am keen to cut the shipping cost as much as possible - if any one out there is thinking of getting some BPAL goodness, we can pool and split the shipping. Joy.


Back to thesis and tea...



Jul. 10th, 2006 06:10 am (UTC)
Harvest Moon is celebrated in almost every culture, and the bounty of the season is marked in a myriad of ways. Harvest Moon touches the Equinox, the festival of Janus, the culmination of Homowo, the 'crying of the neck' in Cornwall, and the Women's Festival of the Moon. This is a day that celebrates abundance and beauty, fertility and progress, and the light of this full moon blesses new undertakings and reunites lost loves. This Harvest Moon oil is a merging of autumnal scents from all over the globe: chrysanthemum, pomegranate, cane sugar and dusty wheat, sorghum, green tea leaf, rice flower and rice milk, Russian sage, bamboo shoot, elderberry, black cherry, wild plum, red haw, hazelnut, red apple and shagbark hickory.