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Another day, another autoclave run

Nope, I'm still not yet tired of typing out the entirely average events of my life. At least this way I have something constructive, not destructive to do while I wait for what ever things are going on in the lab at any one time. Looking back on things, I don't think that I was actually hung over yesterday, I thing that I was ill. Today I'm not feeling too spritely, and I suspect that I should really be in bed (because passing out in a lab full of noxious chemicals is not a good thing).

I think that my body has adapted that whole 'fainting violet' syndrome; when ever anything is even vaguely wrong with me, I get light heading and tend to fall over. I'm mildly sick, I faint. I have a fight with someone, I faint. I break a nail, I faint. While the whole consumptive thing is attractive in certain times and places (because I am a darky-dark angsty gothy-goth), it can be a little inconvenient.

Maybe I have narcolepsy (hah! an insomniac with narcolepsy). Or maybe, which is more likely, I am a big fat hypochondriac. What I need to get me is a big fat dose of Placebo, the wonder drug. ;)

For those who don't know about it, Mainichi Daily News is one of the wackier sites that I visit, in particular the 'WaiWai' section. The cheesiness amuses me deeply...
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