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Hail, Knights of Insomnia!

oooookay, on my insomnia schedule I suspect I'm about a day or two away from the hallucinatory stage. My body is already moving just a fraction too fast for my brain, giving me that whole stobe effect. In an odd twist of my warped metabolism, I am taking Valerian tablets to keep myself all wakeful. Yay me. Sleep for me is becoming one of those phrases Jye uses waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much, a 'polite fiction'. It's some term they use in pretentious art subjects, a lot like 'verbing'. You know, 'to verb', the act of making a noun a verb, ie, 'to benchmark'.

Anyway, I've gotta dose up my mice with their first lot of bugs today. Yay me.

I've also started playing 'The Longest Journey' for the first time, and I think I like it. I'm not sure, yet, but I think I might. Yeah.

Oh, and I have some rather sad news too. For those who don't know, my parents have terrible luck with cats. When Bunyip was hit by a car years ago, I wasn't home, so my father had to let me know what had happened. He had such a hard time telling me that I thought she had died, but fortunately that was not the case. A few years ago, after Morgan (the siamese) had started to go into kidney failure, he was living with my folks up in Rye after Joshua and I had moved away. Morgan was like a kid to my parents, in his own way, and my father had to make the call that Morgan was just suffering too much. They buried him by his favourite climbing tree, and put a little terra cotta cat (wearing his last collar) to mark his grave.

A little while after that, my parents got two burmese kittens from the same litter - a blue named Loki and a chocolate named Skadi (I came up with the names, by the way). They had very different personalities, Skadi been affectionate and annoying, Loki being a little nervous but loyal, but they were good cats. They loved each other, as brother and sister, and they adored my father. After my brother and I moved away, my folks had become a little lonely, and the cats had been their comforters, their contact with other living folk.

Loki was a handome cat, lean and taut and beautiful, the picture of health and grace. He was, probably, my father's favourite of the two, and always stood by Skadi and curled up with her at night. His meow was almost exactly like Morgan's, and they were oddly similar - my mother felt as though he had Morgan's spirit in him. Yesterday, Loki was hit by a car not too far from my parent's house. He died instantly. And now he's in the ground, forever joining Morgan in the land of darkness and plump mice.

All I can think about is how lonely Skadi will be, how she won't understand what has happened. And how miserable and sad my father is. I resepect him as a father, I don't really like him as a person, but I have always admired the care and compassion he has for his pets. It's not fair that he has had such bad luck with cats.

Rest well, sweet cat, and good hunting in the beyond.

On that note:

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