Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

BPAL - updates and orders


So, according to Beth of BPAL, "We have shipped every order that was placed prior to Harvest Moon" - which means that the bottle of Hungry Ghost Moon ordered between kunoichi_chan and I is officially on the way. Not sure *when* it will arrive, but I'm expecting sometime this week (*fingers crossed*).

There is a large update planned for Thursday the 3rd (US time), with quite a few general catalogues and a limited edition set, Carnaval Diabolique. By this time I should have squirrelled away enough cash to do my order of doom (and use my PayPal juju to nab those oils you wanted, [Bad username: kunoichi_chan>, if they are still avaliable). The CD set should be avaliable for something like two months, but having heard about a sneak preview of some of the oils I expect that there will be at least one that I am keen to get. What all of this comes down to is that I&apos;ll be going to Fräu&apos;s soon with my boxes of sniffulness, if for no other reason than to drop off <lj user=]'s HGM and punk_rock_nerd's Pit and the Pendulum. Which strikes me as an ideal time for other folk to come along for crepes and hot chocolate, but also to try some BPAL and maybe join in a group order.

So, let me know if you're keen on any of this. :)
Tags: bpal
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