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I have one word which can purely and eloquently describe my day: fucktacular.

I did something screwy with the alarm clock yesderday, so it didn't go off. Jye and I were both late for work.

I came in, finished something that I didn't do yesterday because I was already late in finishing, started setting up for a tedious CFU count experimetn using sloppy agar, and was then told that the major experiment I needed to do today would take anywhere up to 8 hours to complete.

I didn't know this because I STILL didn't have the protocol I asked for three times last weeek. It was only half way through the nasty experiment that I got the protocol, and regardless I'm going to be at work until at least 6. I'm sick of people not giving me the information I need to do my fucking job.

Oh, and I have to take care of three other experiments I'm running at the same time. Fuckers.

I've got about a million things I should also be doings, but can't fit in. And I'm sensitive to one of the chemicals I've been using today, so I feel like shit. That and I'm really tired. Stupid work. Stupid everything. See how I shake my fist at the world!

Just had my first thing to eat today, so I might make it until I get to go home. One of those days where I really want to break something or some one. Caught myself wandering the hallways to see if any dental students bumped into me so that I could pick a fight. I mean, really - I wanted to start a brawl.

I'm a little better now though. Just so very tired of everything.
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