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So, I finally did some ground breaking work today. Some stuff that has never been done before, fresh and clean and shiny for the whole world to see. This afternoon, this shiny work continues. Today I must also inoculate more bugs for a different sort of shiny work, and if my supervisors have their way, soon I will have more shiny work to do.

The hard, repetative, boring work paves the way to the shiny work. This is what I must remember.

I have dreams of discovering something, you see. We all do. But the whole chance of discovery thing is getting very close now. So very close. Just think, soonish I could be a published person, and anyone else who does work on what I am doing will have to reference me (because I'll be the only one who would have done it). In a twisted and geeky way, I'd be famous.

I like the shiny work.
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