Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Thesis Update!

Because, you know, it's been a while since I've done a proper, in depth update.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Mostly done, although I know I will gave to add a few more sections and such. Say, 90% complete. A draft is currently with yin supervisor, but he wants to look at Chapter 4 first (and possibly Chapter 6). 55 pages, 18K words.

Chapter 2 - Growth of T. denticola

Again, mostly done. I don't think I need to do any more experimental work on it, really, it's just a matter of tidying it up a bit. Maybe 85-90% done. 37 pages, 9.3K words.

Chapter 3 - Antigen Identification

My weakest chapter! Still a bit of experimental work to be done, but not hugely time consuming stuff. Maybe 60% done. 12 pages, 2K words.

Chapter 4 - Host Cell Interactions

All that needs to be done with this is running some samples on the Flow Cytometer to check for cytokine levels. A nifty little chapter, with a whole lot of experimental work finished in a short space of time. The analysis, mind you, is proving a bit difficult. Second draft with yin supervisor. 90% done (I hope). 26 pages, 10K words.

Chapter 5 - Mouse Periodontitis Model A

Apart from another 3-month long experiment, done. But, you know, there is that whole 3 month long experiment left to do. Parts of it have already been drafted and corrected a few times. 19 pages, 4K words.

Chapter 6 - Mouse Periodontitis Model B

Again, apart from the extra data from the next 3-month long experiment, done. A draft is ready for yin supervisor on Monday. Go team me. 21 pages, 5.8K words.

Chapter 7 - Concluding Chapter

Not even begun. But, you know, it's going to basically be a summary of the findings from the previous chapters, so it's not all bad. Should be easy enough to do.

See? I *am* working. :P
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