Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


Well, sometimes you work hard and life bites you on the ass, and sometimes hard work pays off. I went to training on Sat for the first time in a while, and not only did I *not* get in trouble (I actually impressed Mr Nagae with how much my bogu work has improved), but I was told that I had been nominated for the Budokai club spirit award this year. Even if I don't get it (which I probably won't), I'm still pretty chuffed.

Work continues, although my bugs didn't grow overnight so I'm a day or two behind schedual.

Bunyip got into a small tiff yesterday with a big, nasty cat who lives in the area. She stood her ground, though (at least until I came up and sent the enemy into a 'tactical withdraw'), despite the fact syhe recieved a minor wound. Poor scratched Bunyip. I'm rather proud of her regardless.

Oh, and I *finally* got my hands on a copy of Cthulhu after a great many years of pining for one. I'm thinking of what kind of a game to run, and listening to the Chicago ST while doing so is putting some interesting thought to mind...
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