Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Game Plan

Yay for forward planning!

As you may or may not know, I will be running a Gothic Regency freeform at Conquest called "All Hallows Eve". It may not be entirely historically accurate, but my plan is to keep the feel of the Regency in terms of social interactions and rules, as well as archetypes taken from period-based literature. You should play, it'll be great.

My plan, however, is to maybe run a sequel-ish game at Unicon set in either the Victorian or Edwardian era. The premise I have is that (much like "All Hallows Eve" will be set in an idealised Regency manor house) it will be set in an idealised Persian/Arabian Sultan's palace with European visitors. Again, I have no intentions of making it historiacally accurate, but to have it very much like a colourful story of Persia as told by a European.

This is, of course, part of a far-reaching plan to run a trilogy of freeforms, each set in an idealised version of a historic period. They will be sequels in as much as they are set in the same world and may or may not have characters/family lines in common. (And, not wanting to spoil you, but there will be a super-secret plot that links all three games together... but you will have to play "All Hallows Eve" to find it out - or, as punk_rock_nerd did, catch me when I've been drinking.)

My feelings on the matter are to have the second part based in the Victorian and the third in the Edwardian, but these are hardly set in stone at this stage. Ideally I'd like to end the triology in the Victorain era, so maybe the second part could be set in the post-regency Georgian? History is not my strong point, so advice is welcome.

Sound interesting?
Tags: rpg
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