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Godless heathens

I have decided that Melbourne Uni is a godless organisation, because it makes people work on most public holidays. Jye is at home playing Xenosaga, and I am stuck at Uni trying to get my nasty bacteria to grow. Actually, I'm waiting for 500mL od rabbit serum to thaw, but you get the point.

On the other hand, the whole working on the weekends thing has justified my insane purchace of a PSOne screen. Now my geekiness is fully mobile.

And because it's been a while, here is another anecdote from my mysterious and far flung past that may amuse you:

At the end of 1988, my family moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emerites, where we lived for a few years. Dubai is a very nice city, and is full of expats, so the locals are fairly understanding and won't stone the western women for not covering their hair and what have you. Anyway, when I was about 9 years old, I was aparently cute as a button. Waist length sun-bleached hair, blue eyes, tending to wear pretty plain white dresses - you get the point.

We still got along as a family back then, and I was quite boisterous and cheeky though fairly well behaved and polite. We'd often go on family outings to the locals markets (called soukes). In particular my mother was gold of the gold, silver and spice soukes, so we'd often wander around there. This one time (which I didn't find out about for years), an arab man wearing dark sunglasses came up to my father and offered 30 camels for me. You see, a nine year old, blonde, virginal anglo could be trained to make a rather good wife.

Naturally, my father refused. He though I was worth at least 50 camels.
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