Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


Hi there!

Sorry I haven't been able to email you in the last few days - I've been busy and unable to get into the city to use the internet. Howevere, I have good news! I passed my grading! The people here were very nice to me, and I am going to try to keep in contact with as many as I can. I gave my card to lots of people, and told them to look me up if they ever came to Melbourne, and I'd see what I could do about organising some training together at my dojo.

There were some minor dramas, mostly to do with organisation, but all in all it went well. We are staying in a nice hotel tonight, and I am happy to be out of a bunk bed. :)

Today we are going to Stockholm, and tomorrow we will be heading into Paris. It's all very exciting, and I am so glad that I don't have to mind my Ps and Qs the whole time.

Everyone is still mistaking me for being Swedish and asking me directions. :)

I'll try to write again soon. :)

PS - I got a SHINBASH photo for nuwishas_tail. :)
Tags: sweden

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