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You make me feel like dancin'! Gonna dance the night away.

Well, I took most of yesterday off because I am a bad scientist and I needed some rest. Had a nap (unheard of!), before I started cooking a turkey. Yes, a turkey.

There are very few things that I enjoy cooking in this world, and one of them is whole turkeys. So I get this 4kg bird, clean it up, stuff it, dress it, truss it, and cook it. For some ungodly reason, I LOOOOOOOVE roasting turkeys. Anyway, Jye and I feasted on turkey, and it was all good.

So I get into uni today, refreshed, revitalized, and still chuffed about my turkey cooking efforts. And my supervisor wants to see me about some form or other. So I walk in, and he hands me a form, and the title of the form is:

"Melbourne Scholarships Office Scholarship Payment Information Advice"

Which means I'm getting it. I'm gonna be able to stay at uni, and get my degree, and pay my rent, and get out from under my parent's thumb. As of next week (or maybe the week after), I am a free woman.

What was the name of that Virginia Wolfe play/book? All a woman needs in 4 pounds a year and a room of her own? I don't like Virginia Wolfe, but she has a damb fine point.
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