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Well, some of my mice had to be culled because they got sick from something random. Very sad, really. It may seem strange that I'm quite sad about the mice getting sick, and yet I still do work on them, but the importaant thing to remember is that I know they do not suffer when I do my experiments on them. Getting sick and having to be culled means that the mice were suffering. This makes me sad.

Anyway, I gave them their last doses of bacteria today, so I won't be seeing them again until I turn Shiva on them.

Oh, and the number one reason why I wear gloves when I'm working with mice is so I don't get mouse poop on my hands. I swear, they are like little poop factories or something.

In other news, I have an irregular hairless patch on my arm. Why, you ask? Because yesterday, I set myself on fire with a bunsen burner. Again. I should really stop doing that, before I get hurt.

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