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While I didn't get to go to the demonstration yesterday at the Aquatic Center (due to rampant dizziness and a fever), I am terribly excited about training with a naginata-ka who comes from the Nittaidai. No matter how sick I am, I will go and I will train and I will enjoy the hell out of it. I think it comes from a deep-seated desire to be a little old Japanese naginata sensei when I grow up. In any case, it's very exciting.

Still occasionally dizzy, which is a bit of a worry, and still running a mild fever. It's very strange because I don't exactly feel feverish, but I am. Hard to explain. The house smells a little less like smoke, except for the kitchen. Smoke smell tends to linger in ways that defy the natural order of life.

A little while ago, Polly (who I love dearly, despite him threatening to turn my long-term game into a walking slash fanfic) told me he came to the startling revelation that I post practically every day. Partly it's because every morning, in my procrastination ritual, I come in, get my coffee, check my email, then check my friends page, and while I'm on the site I decide to update. This explains why my entries tend to be dull and uninteresting.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I've never been able to keep a diary before - what makes this so different? Tomasu thinks that niki-chan's lj is fantastic because it's like a travel diary - a record of the interesting (or not so interesting) things she did/does in Japan. Having read back through my lj, I think that to me this has become something of a PhD diary. It's a record of the trials and tribulations of my struggle to get more letters after my name (or, if I'm pretentious enough, to get another title *before* my name).

It might not be interesting, but it is a record of what I have achieved with my life in what will be about three and a half to four years. That in and of itself is an achievement.

Love to all.

In other news... Machall is very funny.
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