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House Instection

Yeah, so we finally had the fabled house inspection today. Some real eastate chick wandered about the house and asked a few questions; apparently the vines in our back yard are going to crawl into our roofspace and kill us in our sleep like the day of thr triffids or something if she doesn't arrange for a tradesman to cut them down for us. Go figure.

I made myself a laksa type thing for lunch, which was tasty, but I think the egg I put in it was not cooked enough - salmonella for me (see, that's what I mean about being a big fat hyperchondriac).

I'll be taking the first half of next week off, so I'll be heading over to Deakin Uni to hang out with Polly and Jack for a while, and to hit on gay first year drama students (because it's funny...). ;)

What else can I tell you... We put some not-quite cooked donuts in the oven last night, and I'd just like to say that there is nothing better than crispy, warm donuts. Yum. I've gotta go to training tomorrow, otherwise my sensei will skin me alive or something. I've only been treasurer for two weeks, and already I hate it. I've also got to go to a fscking Budokai committee meeting on sunday. Crap. Here I was thinking that I'd have a nice, relaxing four or five days ahead of me... At least I should be able to get some sleep during the day.

Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I'm just nocturnal (being the darky-dark angsty gothy-goth that I am), and I should sleep during the day and do everything else during the night. One can hope I guess. I'll have to go back to the Dr next week or the week after, regardless, as a check up on the drugs that don't work. I get the feeling that he may say some very nasty words to me like 'anti-depressants'.

Apparently it took six years of medical school for someone to tell me that I have 'a poor self-image'. Lordy. Most people can guess that about me after a day or two. Ahh, well, such is life I guess. It must be a doctor thing.

If you pass a store called 'Lucky Cup' in the next few days, I suggest that you try a honeydew special milk tea with coconut palm, or a passionfruit drink with pearls. Yery tasty.

Must run and look at pictures of diseased teeth - all my love.
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