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Oil and water

I have many flaws to my personality, and one of the most debilitating is my guilt complexes. I can't stand hurting other people in any way, it makes me feel like I should curl up under a rock and die. Jye read my live journal for the first time yesterday, and felt brutalized for his efforts. His response to me was "I'm going to pretend I never read it, and not ever going to read it again". And yet he insists it was not my fault (even though I was the one who wrote what was written). He has calmed down now, and has gone into his cheerful state of denial (which is how he deals with most problems, I have discovered). I was nauseated with guilt by the whole situation. I thought about deleting my lj account, but that didn't seem to be the sort of thing which would actually achieve anything. So I guess I'm still here.

But hey, no one said our relationship was healthy.

Anyway, that aside, I did manage to have an amazing time last night. The training session with Araseki-san (sp?) was fantastic, even if I did fall over on my ass during shiai against her. Embarassing, but I learned from it.

At the dinner afterwards (which was ace fun - the Japanese know how to have a good time, even when there is a language barrier), I found out a couple of things which I took to heart. First of all, I was told I should practice the basics of naginata more frequently, probably at home or in a park, so that I can improve. Secondly, Areseki-san told me that my kiai was very, very good, which she found surprising because I am apparently so kawaii. ^_^

Nothing compares to being told by a Japanese lady that you are cute.

Anyway, got home rather late (and am tired because of it), to find that Jye had been drowning his sorrows in hours and hours of Xenosaga. Go figure. Anyway, got up, pottered, drank my coffee, went to have my shower only to have the shower-head snap off in my hand.

My string of bad luck, despite patches of jubilation, is awe-inspiring.


Update: I spent $45 on a stupid showerhead, the cheapest one availiable. If I can't install the fucker by myself, there will be hell to pay for all involved.
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