Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


I have completed one more character and half-completed a second for my Conquest game. This brings me up to 12 out of 22 (with 2 others half-written). So far I have 12 and 13 players for the two sessions it is running. I need to finish it asap so I can give delwyn and aeliel the run down. Also, bribery. I mean, the game shouldn't be that hard to run (no-combat freeforms will do that for you), but there is a whole lot of plot flying about.

Look, ma! Too much info!

Also, my boob hurts. I mean, seriously, I have stabbing pain in my left boob, which comes and goes. Pain-killers have been applied, and I've been doing more groping and squeezing than anybody could POSSIBLY find sexy (after a while, anything sexy will just become 'meh'), and have found no obvious lumpy bits that shouldn't be there. A doctor trip may be in order tomorrow if it still hurts.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't bring such a thing up on my lj, but GODDAMNITHURTS. Owowowow.
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