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Do the progress dance!

"Hah!" to all you nay-sayers. "Hah!" I say!

I have finished my first pseudo-draft for my introduction. It's very exciting! Well, the introduction isn't, but you get my point. Now there are only a few sections that need to be filled in (evolution of spirochetes, for example), and a smattering of references that need to be found. Once I've done that, it might even be time to let my supervisors see it! 67 pages of pure, geeky gold. 22,848 words of nerdy ramblings. And the best part? I don't feel as though it is awful!!! WOOO!

So, all things being equal, I'm over the 50,000 word mark. Go team me!

Since I've printed it off I've been carrying it around with me, just to feel the comforting weight in my hands. It feels like progress!

I've also been cheeky enough to put in the oldest, most obscure references I could, just in case they decide to try and check up on them. I like making people's lives difficult. :) I've also been trying to sneak in large and unusual words where I could - soon I'll go through my checklist and see if I can slot any of them in.

Remember, feel free to suggest odd words for me to put in my thesis!
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