Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Ummm... Ooops? In a good, if scary, way.

I may have to open up a third session for my Conquest game. Of the two sessions currently open, there are 19 and 15 players for a 20-22 player game. This is prereg, too - games, particularly freeforms, tend to get most of their players at the Con itself.

This is all very... well, unexpected and flattering, actually.

It is the first freeform I've written solo, so I'm reluctant to get my hopes up as to how well it will run. The prospect of running an extra session of it is not too frightening in and of itself, but the idea of being able to, the idea of popular demand, is heady and alluring.

I remember that when "A Night Out in Nexus" ran we (we being myself and bishi_wannabe and all of our generous co-GMs) opened up a third session as well, and all three of them were completely full... I was so very proud of that game. Still am, really.

I don't want to let anyone down, either by running a bad game or by not being able to let someone play. I'll speak to my co-GMs and see if they can squeeze in another session, then email the Orgs and see how they feel about it. Having looked at the freeform timetable, I think I know the perfect slot for it where it won't clash too badly in terms of numbers or rooms. I may have to recruit another co-GM or two...

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