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Conquest in review

There was a con. I ran a game. All was good.

I played in three games, "The A Team", "A Day of Wine and Roses" and "Pathway to Eternity". They were all enjoyable, but I could have gone for a bit more in-depth characters; mind you, with the "A Team" I knew what I was getting myself in for, and with "A Day of Wine and Roses" there was only so much depth a non-Amber person like me could bring to an Amber Freeform. No harm done, mind you. :)

Now, the writer's review of "All Hallow's Eve". I was rather chuffed with how the whole thing panned out. My two major regrets are that some of the character sheets were poorly edited after some plot changes, and that two of the characters (Mr Henry Glover and Mr Randall DuMontford) ended up a little light on with plot and, towards the end of the session, had little to do. This is especially sad for me, because I take pride in giving characters far too much to do so as to avoid having that akward last half-hour of game time.

The Changeling plot was also a little patchily recieved. I think that I maybe didn't get across my intentions very well - what I was trying to get at was that this is how Changelings (or other World of Darkness creatures) would actually roam about in the mortal world - they have their own concerns, their own agendas, and they have to get them to work without the mortals knowing about it.

And, you know, I like Changeling. A whole lot.

In general, the players were absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed the fact that within five minutes of the game starting, people were thoroughly in character and milling about. I loved standing off to the side at about midgame and listening to the rich burble of conversation as if it were really and truly a ball - none of the akward freeform silences that you tend to get. Mostly, though, I loved how enthusiastic some of the players were. That really, really makes a difference for a GM. There were a few players who were obviously not enjoying themselves as much as the rest, and while this bothers me I acknowledge that it wasn't the sort of game that everyone would enjoy.

My co-GMs were grand, of course. I think that now that I have begun training myself to be less precious with the GMing of my game, I've put a lot of trust in my co-GMs and letting them do as they see best. This worked out splendidly for me this year, and I am most endebted to aeliel and delwyn for being super.


Now, of course, I am left with some decisions to make. I had made up my mind that next year I would run a Changeling: The Dreaming freeform in a quest to return to my roots as a player and as a GM. And while I have some nifty plot ideas so far, I'm finding it difficult to coem up with more detailed and intrcate plots. Also, with the New World of Darkness Changeling game being released this year, I'm not sure if I want to run a Changeing: The Dreaming game or a Changeling: The Lost game. Problem is, I won't be able to make that decision until August, by which time I should have a fair bit of the game written. My other issue is that C:tD has been out of print for a long, long time now. I am a little concerned that people would simply not know what the hell was going on with it, or wouldn't be interested in it at all.

So, what are the alternatives? Well, as happens whenever I run a con game, an idea for a sequel to "All Hallow's Eve" has already taken shape in my head. A game set at a party (rather than at a Changeling court) is much easier to write, because you can just bring in all the petty foibles of mortals for plot. And, you know, you don't have to worry too much about how much system knowledge someone has.

However, a sequel has its own problems associated with it, especially in the case of "All Hallow's Eve". Mostly, there is the question of whether or not to include any World of Darkness stuff in it at all, Changeling or otherwise. I purposefully didn't include mention of C:tD in the blurb for 'All Hallow's Eve' because I didn't want to colour people's expectations of the game; the game wasn't about the Changelings, they just happened to be there. On the other hand, I fully acknowledge that, because of this, the Changeling stuff didn't sit well with all of the players.

So, I've kind of written myself into a bit of a corner. I think, though, that if I do write a sequel and if there is World of Darkness stuff there, I will have to mention it in the blurb. Sure, it may change people's attitudes to the game, but let's face it - the return players will know about the Changeling plot anyway, so why not acknowledge the possibility that there is more stuff like that going on?

I still have to make a decision between the two games, of course. I don't want to, but I guess that I have to. Sigh.
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