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Everyone alright in the CBD?

Just a quick shout out to make sure everyone is ok out there. So far, bishi_wannabe, kunoichi_chan and arienmir are all confirmed as ok.

Anyone else in the CBD, please feel free to comment (or if you know of anyone who might have been in the area), please feel free to comment to let us all know you're ok.

Just being a concerned citizen...


Jun. 18th, 2007 08:27 am (UTC)
as posted elsewhere
i've spent the day giving the thumbs up to our roaming security guards checking my exits and keeping "things" at hand. . . . wrong side of the city, but we were locked down too, but its not like it isn't a short jog from West to East . . .

here's to "not being shot" and well wishes to the two injured, the kith and kin of the fallen and the good spirit of the two lads who jumped up to help, regardless of what it got them . . .