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Changeling freeform, Conquest 2008

OMG I is full of planning. Just some thinking out loud, no spoilers.

As you all know, I am a big fat Changeling: The Dreaming nerd, and to celebrate my ten year anniversary of writing con games next year, I have decided to run a long-planned Changeling freeform.

So, I am sending some filthy assistants to GenCon to pick me up a copy of the New World of Darkness Changeling book in the next two weeks... and what I have decided about this is that the game will be Old Wold of Darkness based, but with New World of Darkness themes thrown in.

It will also be set in the same timeline as all of my Changeling games to date (The Griffin Crest, the Arcadian Chronicles parts 1-3 (The War of Tir-na-Nog, By Glamour and Gaslight, Shattered Illusions), The Court of Stone, In Trutina, and to a lesser extent All Hallows Eve), although I will have to make some minor continuity changes here and there (for example, the whole Blaise/Slyvaan/Valkirrie conflict will be moved back in time a few decades, and there may be some minor changes to the whole plot involving Tsunami).

Needless to say, there will be some recurring characters from my previous games, and certainly a whole lot of recurring plots.

The basic set up of the Changeling world, politically speaking, is roughly as follows: High Queen Mahb ap Gwydion (NPC) is the liege of the united kithain nations, which are roughly broken down into kingdoms at the points of a compass.

The Westen Kingdom: Predominantly Sidhe and Boggans, predominantly House Gwydion. Thematically, irish/celtic fae, very Arthurian. The current seat of power from where High Queen Mahb rules.

The Southern Kingdom: Predominantly Eshu and Satyrs, predominantly House Fiona. Thematically Persian; a fiercely passionate and war-like people.

The Eastern Kingdom: Predominantly Pooka and Nockers, prodominantly House Dougal or Liam... I haven't quite decided. Thematically asian - a nice melting pot of Chinese, Japanese and Indian mythologies. The seat of knowledge.

The Northern Kingdom: Predominatly Trolls and Sluagh, with some Redcaps for flavour, predominantly House Eiluned. Thematically very Germanic and Norse. Harder, colder and darker than the other kingdoms.

Anyway, that's the general overview at the moment. A whole lot of plot is still forming in my head at the moment, but a number of characters have already been fully fleshed out (just not on paper). I'll be doing my best to ensure that all of the characters have multiple big plots that they are involved in, so as you can imagine, there will hopefully be a whole lot going on at once during the game. I'm planning on starting the actual writing soon - I really, REALLY want to get this right, and avoid some of the problems that came up with All Hallows Eve.

On that note, is anyone at all interested in helping me run it? *bats eyelashes at crystal_storm*
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