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The Apartment

My mother's new apartment is amazing. It's so trendy, well designed and has a fucking awsome view - my parents are seriously considering buying it, and I want them to. Why? Inheritance, that's why. It's a one bedroom place with an uninterrupted view of the treasury gardens, and it's simply fabulous. There is an open air out door heated pool on the roof, surrounded by glass to give you a fabulous view of the city.

Jye and I are going to take a holiday there, I have decided.

In other news, I had one of my creepy dreams again. You know, the really realistic ones, that aren't so much scary as disturbing. Only this one was based on factual stuff, on things in my past - old fears, old hang ups, old pain. It was pretty nasty, all things considered. It has left me with an odd sense of emotional filth. Hard to explain.

Hard work ahead of me at Uni. Having a meeting to decide what form of protein extraction assay to use on my spirochetes.
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