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You know what really annoys me? Intellectual snobbnery. People giving the impression that they are far more intelligent that you, because they have read more about certain topics or studied in certain fields. It shits me up the wall.

Apparently, because I havn't read any Chaucer or Plato or Nietchze (or how-ever the hell it's spelt) I am sub-standard. Because I haven't studied philosophy or literature or history, I apparently cannot give an acurate or valuable opinion on matters of society, humanity, or even observations on people as a species. The impression given is that I, having spent the better part of my intellectual life studying hypothesese, actual data and provable, hands-on, honest-to-goodness facts, am simply not as intelligent as people who have been studying theories, ideas and hypothetical situations.

The other thing which is related to this that I am sick to tears of people who talk shop about computers, be it comp sci or info sci or what have you. I mean, I make a point of not talking about my work very often when I see people because I figure that, quite frankly, not everyone around me really cares that much about if I use a Triton X-114 protein extraction, or a CHAPS extraction followed by sonication when I'm doing an outer membrane prep for Treponema denticola ATCC 45057. Why is it that people who work with computers cannot seem to keep to themselves about programming languages, or data base structure? Do they not realise how much they are isolating other people they are around who have no knowledge of their field?

Yeah, I'm ranting. I'll admit that. But all I'm asking for is equality.
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