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Operatic moments

I have come to the recent and vaguely disturbing revelation that I am rather fond of both opera and musical theatre. This once again confirms my theory that I am actually a gay man. My most recent CD purchaces have included "Carmen", "Chicago", "Moulin Rogue 2" and "Madama Butterfly". The CD I am currently tracking down is "Hitler in Springtime" because as Mel Brookes (the writer) eloquently put it, if you make your enemy look like a fool you have won. I can't explain in, and I choose not to try.

My dreams are becoming more and more odd, if less disturbing.

I had the Budokai AGM yesterday; I didn't get the Club Spirit award, but I wasn't really expecting to either. The joint winners this year really did put in a hell of a lot of effort for the club at large, and were swiftly stuffed into committee positions. I am pleased with the way things turned out, even though it was three hours of my life which I won't get back again. Eh, such is life.

Jye finally got around to writing something on the game yesterday, which was rather nice of him. He did the general backgrounds for the character classes, and the lists of powers and influences, which I deeply appreciate. Things seem to be progressing, which is good.

Unfortunately, I found myself gripped by a paralyzing genreal malaise yesterday. Creeping depression getting the better of me and all. I really hate it when it happens, but once I get to that point there is very little I can actually do about it. I'm okay today for the time being, but time will tell. I've started taken iron tablets again, which might help keep my energy up.

I am resolved to get on top of a whole bunch of my uni work today, despite the fact my bugs didn't grow. Stupid bugs - you just can't trust them.
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