Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Yesterday's poem

"Woman to Man"

The eyeless labourer in the night,
the selfless, shapeless seed I hold,
builds for its resurrection day -
silent and swift and deep from sight
foresees the unimagined light.

This is no child with a child's face;
this has no name to name it by:
yet you and I have known it well.
This is our hunter and our chase,
the third who lay in our embrace.

This is the strength that your arm knows,
the arc of flesh that is my breast,
the precise crystals of our eyes.
This is the blood's wild tree that grows
the intricate and folded rose.

This is the maker and the made;
this is the question and the reply;
the blind head butting at the dark,
the blaze of light along the blade.
Oh hold me, for I am afraid.

- Judith Wright

In other news, today I decided to try an experiment on an unsuspecting public. Normally I wear anckle length skirts and boots (which come up to mid-calf), so my legs are rarely, if ever, seen in the department. Today I am wearing a very short velvet dress, minimalist black high-heels, and black and red striped tights. See my legs, I say to the world. To be fair, even I had forgotten what my anckles look like, so the effect on the populace will no doubt be amusing.

I have also decided that I like my legs, at least the bottom halves. I should show them off more often.



I have been observing people surruptitiously throughout the day and have noticed a rather interesting trend. Subjects invariably fall into two groups, each with two subcatergories; People Who Know Me (Male/Female) and People Who Do Not Know Me (Male/Female). Each of these groups have an overwhelming homogeneity in their reactions, as follows;

People Who Know Me
Males - Don't know where to look, and try very hard to not look at my legs
Females - Comment on how bright and different my legs look, in a positive fashion

People Who Do Not Know Me
Males - Pay very close attention to my legs, often having to stop for a second look
Females - Ignore my very existance, as if that will make my legs go away

So far I have only been a passive observer in most respects. Am considering some form of active interaction with subjects. Observations will continue.
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