Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


Like my brother, I am one of those people who does not respond well to lack of sleep. I get fatigue headaches, often indegestion if I have breakfast on an empty sleep gauge, and on days like today I am actually physically ill. Stupid weak fleshy body. Give me a Kusenagi style titanium cyborb body, I say. I'm sick of my sickliness and my poor genes. Let science fix me.

In almost compeltely unrelated news, next week I'll be going to a Peptide Symposium. I hate peptide chemistry, but I'm sure to get free stuff if I go. And it's at the Howard Florey Institute, which will be nice to visit. Only an hour out of my lfie, I think I can cope.

I am planning to turn Wednesdays into "Experiment on an Unsuspecting Public Day", in response to yesterday's roaringly successful experiment. I will plan carefully what I do next week, but hat ever it is, I suggest you all take on this new holiday and exploit it. Exploit it I say!

Going now, dizzy and faint...
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