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I used to support Greenpeace with all its "let's be nice to eachother and to the environment" deal. You know, save the wales and the rainforests and all that. I mean, I feel fairly strongly about trying to protect the environment, being a zoologist deep down and all, because quite frankly I find very little more tragic that mankind messing with ecology to the point that the whole planet, humans included, are thoroughly screwed.

But I am a scientist, and I have a strong focus on biotechnology. I know that, contrary to polpular belief, most scientists are trying their damnedest to help people and that they devote their entire lives to making people's lives easier, more pleasant, and longer.

So when fucking GREENPEACE starts putting up posters around the city protesting against genetically modified foods, I get pretty goddamn pissed off. Why? Because people assume that the crazy, evil scientists are genetically modifying food for the sole pupose of making money. That is the biggest, falsest, most offensive thing that could be said about sciensists.

The reason why people assume this is because bid food companies will give scientists the money they need to develope the technology, and thus give big food companies the GM food which will survive shipment, last longer, blah blah blah. But for the love of all things sacred, THIS was NOT why the technology was developed.

The idea of GM foods sprang from the need to grow bigger, hardier plants which grow faster and have more nutritional value than ordinary plants. Why? To SOLVE FUCKING WORLD HUNGER, that's why. You develope a plant that requires little space or maintenance, and can survive harsh conditions, and then you give it to the people who need it the most. It's pretty goddamn simple. Failing that, you GM fruits with a vaccine component in them, and you give the fruit to the people who NEED TO BE VACCINATED.

For fucksakes people, scientist are trying to help you.

Screw you, Greenpeace. Screw you and the whale you rode in on. Put the dope down and pay attention, you uninformed hippies. I trusted you, Greenpeace. I believed in your cause.

And now I'm gonna stock up on cans of tuna, you bastards.
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