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Harry Potter - 6th year

In all the hoohaa of stuff that needs doing, I forgot to say how my Harry Potter game is going. We seem to have dropped down to only 2 regular players, which sucks a little, but it is chugging along quite well regardless.

Last night, Elizabeth Scarl and Nevan Foxgrove - together with their fathers Taddeus Gray and Simon - managed to save Vantessa from the Dark Wizard Assam. The session was a little disjointed, with the playing going off on a bit of a tangent which ment that they completely lost the plot for about half an hour to a hour, despite my attempts to gently prod them along. I had to resort to the whole deus ex machina thing, which I wasn't pleased about, but hey - 6th year is now over.

Only 8 sessions left, but eight very important sessions - 7th year, their final year at Hogwarts, and the year they finally confront Magnus himself. The whole building of suspense thing is ace.
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