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Kitten Cancer

So in the busy rush of getting things done after taking some time off, I finally get around to taking Bunyip in for her shots and a general check-up. And, for a 10 year old cat who was hit by a car and had a tail removed and a broken pelvis, she is in pretty good shape. Except for two things.

1 - she refuses to chew bones, so her teeth need a good clean (but no extractions)

2 - my Bunyip, for those who don't know, is a gray-tabby and white cat. And the lower part of her face is white. Including her pink nose. Combine with harsh Australian sun. = badness for Bunyip's nose. She has a little graze like rash on her nose which has not really healed properly for a few months, which the vet cheerfully informed me is the primary stage of nose cancer.

Fortunately for my cat, we've caught it early and it isn't too serious. She just needs some minor cryo-surgery where they freeze the bad cells off of her pink snout. Which will be done in the next few weeks when ever I can get an appointment.

She is not in any real danger. Still, it makes me impossibly sad. Not frightened, not angry, not confused about the procedure or the disease, just sad.

I love my cat. I don't want her to be scared or sick or hurt. Thus, I am sad.
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