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Kitten pot pie

"Kitten pot pie" is a nickname I have for Bunyip which, when you think about it, is very disturbing.

6 out of 25 characters done for Conquest - officially over the 1/5 mark. Woohoo.

Having dinner with my mother tonight - yay free food.

I've been told that my PhD confirmy wozit is not as big a deal as I thought it was. Yay.

I have to go to a Peptide Symposium today - what the HELL was I thinking

Jye and I now have to assitant GMs named Ben for our freeform - I am asking them to use other names for the con so my brain doesn't break.

Very, very tired, but resolved to write at least one charcter more today, if not two. No time left to dawdle.

Getting excited about niki_chan coming home soon. Missing folk in general. Getting a bit nostalgic.

Resolved to get my tattoo for my birthday this year.
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