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Soooooooooooo tired

It almost killed us, but Jye and I finished the freefrom yesterday. It's pretty amazing when you consider he was dividing his time quite pointedly between the two games which he is running this con. I shaln't be seeing him until late tonight, because he has a playtest for his other game, a little late on tuesday (because he'll stay after work to prink three copies of the 80 page fform), and while I will see him on wednesday night, there will be a second playtest run at our place.

I hate cons. And yet they draw me back.

I was kept up late by Jye tapping at my computer (next to the bed) while he finished up the last bits of his characters. He had completely ignored two or three major plots for one of the characters, you see, and had to do a quick re-write.

But it's done now, and all the GMs have been emailed the info they need. Rock on.

Now all I need to do is ALL THE UNI WORK IN THE WORLD. I'm too tired for this shit.
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